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Human Trafficking has decreased in Afghanistan

Mon Jan 09, 1:21 pm

The level of human trafficking in Afghanistan has dropped as compared to previous years, government officials said.

The Commission to combat human trafficking in its first meeting that was held yesterday in Kabul said Fight against human trafficking in the country has declined the human trafficking issues.

Habibullah Ghalib, Justice Minister and Head of the Commission to combat human trafficking said women and children are the real victims of human trafficking in Afghanistan. Mostly drug traffickers are involved in human trafficking, he added.

The human trafficking phenomenon is not only a challenge in Afghanistan but is also a serious challenge to the world.

The commission to combat human trafficking has been formed recently and various ministries, government agencies and civil society organizations are its members.

Although government informed about the decline of human trafficking in Afghanistan but disturbing incidents of human trafficking and abduction still happens in the country.

Besides creating chaos and security threats, these incidents also led the investors to transfer their capitals to abroad.

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