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Human Rights Day celebrated in Afghanistan

Sun Dec 11, 1:41 pm

Sixty-third anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was held yesterday by UN General Assembly in Kabul.

These celebrations of Human Rights Day comes as still Human Rights Commission accept their failure to prevent violation of the rights of women and children, civilian casualties and lack of equal rights.

The commission in a report has said that government has failed to act all their obligations in implementation of justice.

The reports, which mainly focused on economic and social rights of people in the country, say that considering government and international community’s obligations, not only they failed to improve in economic and social rights but also became worsen in some cases.

Foreign and justice Ministries emphasizing on the achievements of recent years are also expressed concerns on the failure of Human Rights.

A number of foreign institutions in Afghanistan with the concerns of the human rights situation in Afghanistan, stressed that more efforts needed to eliminate violence and provide better human rights in this country.

A number of people including families of the victims of the war in Afghanistan marched in Kabul City and demanded government and international community to identify war criminals and bring them to trial.

Expressing concerns in Human Rights they also asked International Community’s commitments for its practically act especially in the sectors of Human Rights.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted on 10th Dec 1948, three years after establishment of United Nations.

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