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Holding of University entry exams in Ghazni

Mon Dec 26, 1:42 pm

More than ten thousand applicants in Ghazni have come to the center of the province for University entrance test (Kankor). The tests will be taken in five areas of Ghazni during three days.

This year the number of school graduates in the province has increased considerably compared to previous years, local officials said.

The participants of Kankor examination has increased four-fold as compared to last year, head of Ghazni education department Hosni Mubarak said.

Although there is less capacity in higher and semi-higher institutes but the participants of this test is very reliable and considering themselves successful.

Ghazni Governor Muhammad Musa Akbarzada says last year, most of the students in higher and semi-higher institutes were from Ghazni province.

He said last year nearly 70 percent of graduates successfully passed their Kankor exams.

However, the committee chairman that had gone to Ghazni to take control of the entry tests, expressed concerns over frauds during examinations.

About 170,000 graduates are considered to attend the University entrance test (Kankor) this year. While the Ministry of Higher Education has said just 100,000 graduates can be given admissions in higher and semi-higher institutes.

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