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Herat customs revenues increase 11 percent

Mon Mar 19, 11:29 am

Traffic fines, fights against corruption and people’s cooperation in law enforcement are the factors which have hiked the customs revenues of Herat province, officials said.

Chief of Herat transport department Javed Imaq said this year illegal activities of about eight transport companies were prevented while 11 other companies were halted. He said currently 133 transportation companies are active in Herat among which 84 of them are from other provinces.

He said during the outgoing solar year, the customs revenues of Herat province have increased from 331 to 367 million Afghanis which shows an 11 percent increase compared to last year. Only 71 million were obtained through traffic fines.

According to the officials, hundreds of freight vehicles to avoid congestion and environmental pollution were collected and removed from Herat City.

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