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Helmand Former governor’s son has set free

Fri Oct 28, 2:57 pm

Helmand province former governor Shah Nazar Khan son, who was abducted on Wednesday has set free.
Local officials said that:

“The governor’s son was abducted by police, in a police vehicle on Wednesday”.

Muhammad Ismail, Deputy of Joint Coordination and Commandment Camp said that:

“The abductors demanded two hundred thousands dollars from the former governor to set free his son”.

He also said that:

One of the abductors was an officer of Marja district security commandment and has detained from Lashkar Gha City yesterday.

He added that:

“The abductors had kidnapped Abdul Sattar by excuse that they are taking him to security commander fro being having link with Taliban”.

Meanwhile, police reported about the detection of arms and weapons from that officer home.

Helmand governor spokesman Dawood Ahmadi said that:

“This is the 3rd incidents that happened in police ranks”.

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