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Half of Afghan brick kiln labors are children: ILO survey

Wed Feb 08, 2:06 pm

According to an International Labor Organization (ILO) survey, 56 % of Kabul and Nangarhar brick kiln workers are underage Afghan children that work more than 70 hours a week.

Based on this assessment, 58 % of working children in the kilns are boys and the remaining 42% are girls.

The ILO officials stated that child labor is contrary to all international labor laws and only 15% of these children attend school.  The rest of them are unable to go to school because of pressure to work in the brick kilns.

The findings of the reports show that all of the workers, both adults and children, are working more than 70 hours a week in very bad conditions.  Adults are paid 300 to 400 afs daily.  The children are paid 170 t0 200 afs per day.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs says that exact information and statistics regarding child labor are not available.

Because of poverty, some of the Kiln workers receive loans in order to pay for health care, marriages, and other traditional ceremonies.  To pay off the loans, those laborers work in the brick kilns.

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