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Graduates of journalism faculty celebrated their graduations in Kabul University

Sun Oct 16, 1:12 pm

Prof. Abdul Wahid Gharwal; Dean of journalism faculty of Kabul University said that:

“Journalists should be aware of national interest in their professional mission”

The graduates of forty one round of journalism faculty want government to provide employment facilities to them and take serious account to ensure their security.

In 41st round of graduation of Journalism faculty of Kabul University, thirty four students in sections of radio, television and press were awarded bachelor degrees.

Higher Education Ministry Spokesman; Abdul Azeem Noorbakhsh said that:

“Journalism field has made some progress as comparing with past and now beside Kabul University, students stands and involved in training in Balkh, Nangarhar, Parwan, Kandahar, Khost and Badakhshan provinces”.

Shokriya Barekzai, member of Wolesi Jirga considering journalists the real representatives of community said that:

“Reporters with the facts established relationship between people and government”

Afghan government considers freedom of speech as one of the largest achievements in the past ten years.

A number of afghan journalists have been killed in the process of freedom of speech, whose cases were not considered properly.

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