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Government should review its policies towards Iran: Analysts

Thu May 10, 12:42 pm

The Afghan government should review its policies towards Iran and respond to its attempts to interfere in Afghanistan domestic affairs various analysts have said.

The Afghan Defense Ministry has summoned the Iranian Ambassador to Afghanistan to explain his recent remarks regarding the long-term strategic cooperation agreement between Afghanistan and United States.

In response to the ministry request, the Iranian Embassy Counselor will meet with the head of the Middle East and African departments of the foreign ministry.

Political analyst Ahmad Saeedi and Abdul Kabir Ranjbar said that the Iranian ambassador’s statements regarding US-Afghan strategic alliance were “against diplomatic norms,” and said that article 4 of the agreement deals with the subject of foreign interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

Various representatives of the Lower House of the parliament have said that the Afghan government should review its policies towards Iran.

Iran is the only regional country that expressed concerns over the signing of strategic alliance between US and Afghanistan.

After President Obama and President Karzai, the US and Afghan leaders, signed the strategic cooperation agreement between both countries, the Iranian Defense Ministry expressed reservations about the agreement 4 days after it was signed.

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