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Ghazni inhabitants Protested against NATO civilian killing

Wed Aug 10, 1:30 pm

Hundreds of inhabitants of Koghyani district of Ghazni Province protested against killings of Afghan civilians by NATO Forces. These protesters claimed that two civilians were killed and five were arrested by NATO Forces. Zror Zahid Chief of Ghazni police confirmed the incident and said: The reason of NATO operation was not specified but investigations are continued. Muhammadullah Momin zada news reporter of (ATN) reported from Ghazni Province that the protest occurred opposite to Governor Office. Protesters claimed that: Last night NATO Forces in an operation killed two civilians and took five other civilians with them.

They said: The assassinated and arrested people were noncombatants.

Chief of Ghazni Police said: The operation was done by NATO Forces while Afghan security forces were not included.

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