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Germen President visited Mazar-e-Sharif

Tue Oct 18, 1:10 pm

Germen president Christian Wulff, on the 2nd day of his visit to Afghanistan arrived Balkh province to address Germen forces based there and to meet with Balkh governor Ata Muhammad Noor.

Germen President arrived on an unexpected visit to Afghanistan on Sunday and met President Karzai.

Muhammad Bashir Ansari, ATN reporter report that:

Germen President and Balkh Governor discussed about the development, transfer of security responsibilities from NATO troops to Afghan forces and long term assistance of international community to Afghanistan.

President Wullf said that:

“Germany will be with Afghanistan after 2014 and will support it”
During his visit to Balkh, the Germen president visited and monitored the working progress of Mazar-e-Sharif under construction airport which is being made by Germany and cost 50 million Euros.

Another aim of Germen president visit to Balkh was to meet with Germen troops based in that city.

Around five thousand Germen troops base in Afghanistan and are cooperating in the training of Afghanistan police.

It is said that Germany will start withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan in the beginning of next year, but Germen authorities had said that the withdrawal of Germen troops links with the security situation of the country.

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