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Gap between the government and citizens has caused widespread corruption: Ludin

Wed Jan 25, 1:58 pm

The increasing distance between the government and people has caused a major corruption in the country, said the officials of High Office of Oversight and Anticorruption.

Chief of the High Office of Oversight and Anticorruption Azizullah Ludin while the ceremony of recording the assets of the high government officials in the Ministry of Interior said the existence of corruption in the country, causing many problems in the social, political and economical sectors.

Mr. Ludin stressed that the anticorruption office would seriously effort to eliminate the corruptions. He said the asset recordings of the government officials are the steps to fight the corruptions in the country.

So far, the assets of 2500 high ranking government officials have been recorded and the assets of 15 other officials are under investigation and its results will be announced after the completion of the investigations, Mr. Ludin added.

Mr. Ludin said the fight against corruptions is so difficult without the cooperation of high ranking government officials and agencies.

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