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Freed Taliban prisoners now living with their families: High Peace Council

Tue Nov 20, 1:43 pm

The 9 high ranked Taliban who were set free from the Pakistan jails are now living with their families in Afghanistan, according to High Peace Council officials.

The secretary of High peace Council Aminuddin Muzafari hoped the freed Taliban high ranking members will play important roles in securing progress in advancing the peace talks process.

According to officials on the High Peace Council the 9 freed Taliban members will be able to play important roles in securing peace talks and so the Government of Afghanistan considers their release from Pakistan prisons to be important and effective.

Since the members of the Taliban have been freed from Pakistan prisons, concerns have been expressed about how their activities will be controlled.  The public has wondered where they will live and what will be their activities.

A number of media in Pakistan have discussed how Quetta Council’s interests may be served by securing peace talks with the Afghan Government.

It’s said one of the members of Quetta Council has praised the setting free of Taliban and said that each action which is being taken by the Government of Afghanistan for securing peace talks is honored.

A number of Political figures and High Peace Council members have praised the response from the one of the member of Quetta Council and said his positive response would be a positive step towards the High Peace talk’s process between both countries.

The 9 high ranked Taliban were set free from the jails after the Afghan High peace keepers officials traveled to Pakistan.

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