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Foreign Affairs Minister summoned to Wolesi Jirga

Sun Mar 11, 1:17 pm

Wolesi Jirga or Lower House of the Parliament has summoned Dr. Zalmai Rasool, the Minister of Foreign Affairs on Saturday to brief the MP’s on reasons his ministry did not spend more than 40 percent of its development budget.

Dr. Zalmay Rasul said, “The ministry couldn’t utilize more than 40% of its development budget because the budget of the Foreign Ministry differs from the other ministries’ budgets.”

He also said that the Foreign Ministry had not received its allocated budget on a timely basis.  This was one of the biggest reasons that the foreign ministry was unable to spend the development budget.

Zalmay Rasul was the last minister that was summoned to the House. The Wolesi Jirga has finished summoning ministers who failed to spend more than 40% of their ministries’ development budgets.

None of the 16 ministers who were impeached by the House could satisfy the House of Representatives. The final decision of the House is expected to take place on Monday’s general session regarding the 16 summoned ministers.

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