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Finance Minister couldn’t convince the MPs: Ibrahimi

Thu Feb 02, 2:56 pm

The Afghan Finance Minister that was summoned in the Wolesi Jirga on Wednesday said no irresponsible changes had been brought in the financial statement.

MP Amir Khan Yar said the ministry has added a large amount in the budget illegally but the minister said it was done by the decree of President Karzai.

Another MP Sideeq Ahmad Osmani said the money was added in the budget without the approval of Wolesi Jirga and the final report of last fiscal year was full of problems.

According to the members of Wolesi Jirga; there are differences of 712 million afs between the budget and the final report.

Head of Control and Audit office Sharif Sharifi said there were many problems in the final report but no embezzlements were made.

But at the end, the Speaker of Wolesi Jirga Abdul Raouf Ibrahimi said the Finance Minister couldn’t convince the House with his answers.

According to the MPs; since last six years, all the financial statements have been full of problems and for many times these reports were presented to the Attorney General Office by the Wolesi Jirga but so far, no effective steps have been taken in this regard.

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