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Fights in Iran-Afghan border between frontier corps of both countries

Thu Sep 15, 2:15 pm

No causalities were reported by both sides in these clashes.

Governor of Nimroz Province said that he has asked officials of Afghan Government for many times to resolve the controversial area of Iran, but no serious attention seemed from the government.

Such clashes take place for many years between frontier corps of Iran and Afghanistan.

Officials of Nimroz Border police say:

“Such clashes occur every few months in Afghan-Iran border,”

Abdul Karim Brahvi Governor of Nimroz province says:

“The clashes between frontier corps of both countries were continued for two hours over a controversial area where Iranian forces want to create a security checkpoint”.

He added:

The dispute between both countries is continued for many years over a controversial area which is 9 kilometer long.

So far, Iranian officials have not said anything regarding this case.

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