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Farmer’s Day observed in Balkh

Sun Mar 25, 12:18 pm

Balkh Agriculture Department honored Farmer’s Day with huge celebration.  A number of government officials and farmers attended the event.

Farmers that had come from several districts of this Northern Province to attend the ceremony asked the government officials to help them solving their problems.

Lack of improved seeds and fertilizers and water shortages and absence of a proper market for the agricultural products were the problems the peasants addressed to the local authorities.

The head of the Balkh Agriculture department, Kateb Shams, said his department and other relevant organizations were struggling to improve the provincial agriculture. He said Balkh agriculture department has already provided improved seeds and fertilizers to the farmers.

However, he confirmed the distributed improved seeds and fertilizers were not sufficient for the farmers and asked the central government for further assistance for them.

Besides celebrations, the farmers also put many agricultural products on display.

The ceremony ended with national music and dances performed by local singers and participants.

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