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Explosions and armed attacks rocked entire Kabul City

Wed Sep 14, 1:13 pm

Several suicide bombers entered the building (under construction) in Mekrorian area of Kabul and fired rockets at US Embassy and several other important security buildings.

Right now security forces are trying to block the attackers.

President Hamid Karzai condemned the attacks and said:

The enemies do not want Afghanistan to take steps towards progress.

Explosions and gunfire started in Hajji Abdul Haq square at 1:30 Pm. The insurgents stormed the multi-storey building which is under construction.

Afghan National Security Departments, ISAF Headquarter and US Embassy were targeted by terrorists.

This building is located in a sensitive area of Kabul, where tight security checkpoints exist, but entrance of armed insurgents in this area is a serious question.

Many people got harmed but the numbers of injuries are not clear yet.

After about an hour, ISAF troops flew the Helicopters over the area but the armed insurgents started rocket fires at helicopters.

At the same time, two other western areas of Kabul were also targeted by suicide bombers.

The suicide attack occurred in Dehmazang area of Kabul near a police station.

In this attack, a security force was killed and two others were wounded.

Syed Muhammad Hassan Sadat vice president of HQ of 202 Shamshad criminal investigation department said:

The suicide bomber tried to enter the HQ of 202 Shamshad corps but the suicide bomber was identified by Security Forces and, the suicide bomber denoted his explosives outside the police station.

One suicide bomber was arrested from building by security forces.

After few hours, Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks.

So far, dozens of national and international forces have been killed in these attacks.

It is said that; Heavy clashes in the Hajji Abdul Haq square ended after 20 hours which left 30 dead and wounded. But gunfire can still be heard in that area.

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