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Ex-Uruzgan Governor accused of Corruption

Tue May 01, 10:04 am

Uruzgan Provincial Council accused the former Governor of the province Muhammad Omar Sherzad of fraud and administrative corruption—but the ex-Governor declined the charges.

Addressing a gathering in Kandahar province, the member of Uruzgan Council Amanullah Hotaki, accused the former Governor of huge corruption and fraud charges in peace process.

He said the Uruzgan Provincial Council had evidences and documents on the basis of which the ex-Governor could be trialed.

But the ex-Governor, Omar Sherzad, declined the charges, saying Hotaki had obtained money in exchange to accuse him of corruption. He claimed Mr. Hotaki himself was involved in embezzlement of Uruzgan Council’s money.

Muhammad Omar Sherzad served as the Governor of Uruzgan since last about two years but recently about a month ago he resigned from his position.

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