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Emancipation of 20 Childs and teens from prison is ordered

Thu Aug 25, 9:09 am

Hamid Karzai ordered the emancipation of 20 child and teens that were accused of involving in suicide bombing and were arrested by National Directorate of Security (NDS). Hamid Karzai said: “Many foreign countries want to destroy Afghanistan by using name of Jihad. Most of these Childs and teens said: “We were trained suicide attacks in Religious Schools and Madaris of Pakistan and there we were appreciated for suicide attacks”

President Karzai met the Kids himself, who were arrested by NDS from different regions of Afghanistan and President Karzai listened the kids that how they were trained. Ages of these kids are less than 18 who were arrested from different regions of Afghanistan.

President Karzai said: These kids were appreciated by Taliban and were given training of suicide attack in Religious Madaris of Pakistan. These twenty kids asked for their emancipation from the prison. One of the kids named Samiullah, who is just 16, told President Karzai: “We were not ready for suicide attacks therefore we were injected by Taliban”.

Mullah Qiamuddin head of Religious Council was also present there and asked these kids to get education rather than suicide attacks.

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