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Education ministry seeks to improve educational system

Sun Dec 04, 1:31 pm

Building more schools and improving education qualities are top priorities of education ministry, officials said.

Education Minister Ghulam Farooq Wardak during inauguration ceremony of 14 schools in Kabul City said that lack of schools and teachers are main problems of education development in country.

By the inauguration of these schools, more than 85 Kabul’s students will have secure and peaceful educational environment, education minister said.

Despite this, still one thousand tents are used as classes and about 11 schools do not have their own buildings, the minister added.

The education minister stressed that the ministry could not provide secure and peaceful educational environment for students yet and currently Kabul requires six thousand new classes.

According to education ministry statistics, 4.2 million students are eligible to join schools in upcoming three years.

The education ministry has published hundred million books during last three years and no student will remain without books in upcoming year.

The minister considered lack of professional teachers as the main challenge of education ministry and said that the ministry requires three hundred and seventy five thousand students in next three years.

Currently, one hundred and ninety thousand teachers are registered in the Education Ministry.

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