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Drugs and explosives materials detected in Kandahar City

Fri Oct 28, 3:00 pm

National police have detected 21 tons of opium and 200 KG explosive material in Kandahar city.

Police officials said:

“The drugs and explosive materials were smuggled from a foreign country and were trying to shift to Zabul and Nimroz provinces”.

It is also said that 11 suspected people have been detained in this case.

ATN reporter Abdul Jamil Sepand reported:

Kandahar Security Commander Abdul Raziq said:

“Kandahar police and special security forces had detected these materials from 3rd zone of the city”.

He added that:

“These materials were imported to Afghanistan from overseas border and were smuggled

To Zabul and Nimroz provinces”.

He also added that:

“Three anti-government militants have been killed last week”.

Kandahar Governor Toryalai Weesa said:

“Eleven people, including a famous smuggler have been detained in this regard”.

He added that:

“These people will be referred to law and justice institutions”

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