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Drug has spoiled Afghan National prestige

Sun Oct 30, 12:56 pm

Drug cultivation, production and smuggling have tarnished the reputation of Afghan Nation.

Minister for Counter Narcotics warned that after now poppy cultivation are deemed offenses and the farmers will be dealt legally.

Minister for Counter Narcotics Zarar Ahmad Moqbil Osmani reported about 7% rise in poppy cultivation this year.

Deputy Minister for Counter Narcotics Baz Muhammad Ahmadi and Head of special prosecutors to fight crime and drug intoxication materials, in a joint press conference told that they will have serious action against poppy cultivators.

Ministry officials of Counter Narcotics say that poppy cultivations have been increased due to increase in opium prices in the world.

Annually 68 billion dollars are earned from drug cultivation and just its 3% are given to the farmers.

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