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Dr. Najib’s 15th Death anniversary marked in Kabul

Wed Sep 28, 1:37 pm

15th Death anniversary of Dr. Najibullah the former ex-President of Afghanistan marked in Kabul.

Exact fifteen years ago, this was the day the Taliban entered Kabul and in the first step they killed President Najibullah.

Dr. Najib’s Foundation said; the main perpetrators of the murder of Dr. Najibullah are Pakistan’s spy agency and they also asked the Afghan govt. to identify the real assassins.

Ahmad Saeedi a political expert said:

Pakistan, with continuous high profile assassinations want to insecure Afghanistan for its own benefits.

Capture of Kabul by Taliban in 1375 solar.

Taliban entered Kabul and captured it in the early start of fall season of 1375 solar. A number of Afghan citizens, being tired due to long civil war in Afghanistan, preferred Taliban in the country and were waiting for Taliban’s entrance to Kabul, but unfortunately Taliban were against of people’s imaginations.

Sherullah Jabar Khel head of Najib’s Foundation says:

Taliban with their different views and ideas began their primary power from the Capital which caused dissatisfaction of Afghan people.

General Wahid Taqat another expert says:

Since that time; Pakistan began its intervention for its own benefits and Pakistan by killing high profile and great personalities want to increase insecurity in Afghanistan.

Suleiman Laiq says:

Dr. Najib was killed due to dispute of Durand Line.

After the assassination of Dr. Najibullah the insecurity has been increased for the last 15 years. Although the government trying for peace with Taliban but has not resulted yet.

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