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Release of 88 Bagram inmates can cause spreading insecurity: Abdullah Abdullah

Wed Jan 08, 11:46 am

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, one of the presidential candidates, expressed his concerns over the release of Bagram prisoners.

“The insecurity maybe extended in the country with the release of Bagram prisoners,” noted Mr. Abdullah.

Mr. Abdullah considers the decision of the committee to probe the Bagram prisoners cases an ill-judged decision and an act that was politically incorrect.

“The prisoner’s records should be done through the Afghanistan courts not by a special committee” added Dr. Abdullah.

Abdullah Abdullah believes that the release of these inmates is a security threat.

America also warned Afghanistan government to not release these 88 prisoners because they are accused of killing the foreign soldiers.

The committee to probe the cases of the Bagram Jail said, “There is no evidence that these prisoners were involved in terrorist activities and these prisoners should have been released sooner.”

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