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Dozens of families are exposed to serious threats in Takhar

Sat Nov 19, 1:30 pm

Families displaced in Farkhar valley of Takhar province are facing problems with extreme cold conditions as they are homeless.

These families warn that if their problems are not addressed in the cold season a number of women and children will die.

While the Takhar National Disaster Management says that supports to these homeless families have already been started.

These displaced families in such cold and rainy weathers are busy in building mud houses and say that dangerous diseases are threatening their lives.

Takhar National Disaster Management says that they have received tents, mattresses and blankets from German PRT and have distributed among these affected families.

Chairman of Takhar Natural Disaster Management Abdul Razzaq says that these tents are distributed among 67 displaced families but these supports can’t solve the problems of these families in any case.

Takhar National disaster Management demanded aid agencies and donor countries for more support for the affected families.

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