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Dozens of children are suffering from heart diseases in Takhar

Sat Feb 18, 1:32 pm

Many children in northern Takhar province are suffering from heart diseases but their families due to poverty cannot treat their children and are waiting for the registration in the Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS).

Mustafa is a child who suffers from cardiopathy disease. “Through multiple agencies, he has gotten access to the Afghan Red Crescent Society and we have tried to send our child abroad for better treatment,” his father said.

Takhar ARCS officials said efforts are underway to transfer the children suffering from heart diseases to hospitals in other countries.   “In previous years a large number of children who were suffering from this illness have been sent out to foreign countries and the registration of new patients has continued,” Takhar ARCS Chief, Ahmad Javed Makhdom-zada said.

The Afghan Red Crescent Society annually sends out dozens of patients abroad with the cooperation of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Nonetheless, a large number of patients are waiting for help while many others lose their lives due to ignorance and lack of access to the health centers in the remote areas of the country.

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