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Domestic industries seek government attention

Wed Mar 21, 1:34 pm

Afghanistan Industry Union calls on responsible institutions to establish industrial parks in order to expand domestic industries.

“The government must focus on building roads, providing electricity and establishing industrial parks.  If they don’t, domestic industries will be unable to meet the demands of the Afghan people,” an industry union official said.

“Although the Ministry of Commerce & Industries, Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) and the municipality obtain taxes, permit fee and other extra money in exchange for services such as water, roads, electricity and sewage systems, industrial parks have not received most of these required services,” the industry union officials claim.

Meanwhile, the ASIA officials confirmed the problems, saying the Trade Ministry is responsible for providing better services to the domestic industries.

Afghanistan Industry Union officials confirm a significant development project but stated that infrastructure problems due to lack of roads, sewage systems, and electricity were halting their development activities.

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