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Domestic airport to be built in Nuristan

Wed Mar 20, 9:18 pm

The ministry of transport and civil aviation has launched the construction of a domestic airport in eastern Nuristan, considering it an important need of the people.

The Deputy aviation minister, who visited the province for the opening of construction work, said that the construction of an airport was a serious need of Nuristan.

The two million dollars, which was awarded by the counter-narcotics ministry to the province, would be spent on the construction of this airport, Jarullah Mansoory added.

“Based on the suggestions of the engineers, we can build a small airport but the large aircrafts can’t make their flights from this airport due to safety problems.”

The provincial authorities expressed gladness to the building of an airport, saying the problems of the residents would be resolved to a large extent.

Due to security problems and lack of airport, the residents have to wait for days before traveling or they must travel by unsafe ways.

Nuristan is a mountainous province located in the east of the country with most of its ways unsafe due to insurgent activities.

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