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Diesel oil prices decreased to 60 Afghanis per liter

Tue Jan 17, 10:26 am

Government fuel stations have started diesel oil supply on 60 Afghanis per liter. Negotiations have started also with private fuel stations to equal the oil prices in all parts of Kabul, officials said.

Head of oil department of Ministry of Commerce Faridullah Sherzai said efforts are continuing with private fuel stations to supply diesel oil to the people in equal prices with Government fuel stations.

These efforts came after a record increase in the fuel prices that raised a lot of citizen’s complaints.

The Trade Ministry with the import of oil from foreign countries and its distribution are intended to control the oil rates in the country.

However, this effort would have a slight reduction in the oil prices but the Kabul residents say that a serious oversight on the market can reduce the rates of materials including oil.

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