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Detection of a collective grave in Takhar Province

Sat Oct 22, 1:43 pm

According to the local reports from Takhar province:

“Dozens of dead bodies have been founded from a collective grave and the number of bodies buried in that grave may increase”

This grave was found in Siya Aab area of Rastiq District in Takhar province.

Takhar provincial authorities have confirmed the reports and said that investigation has been started in this regard.

Siya Aab region of Rastiq district is one of the mostly violated areas of civil war era and the detection of this collective grave has proved that. Reported by Muhammad Bashir Ansari ATN reporter

Local residents said that:

“Dozens of death bodies were founded in a room that were supposed to be prison and being imprisoned there during the war years” This room or prison is situated near a foothill in Siya Aab area.

Rastiq district governor said:

“This collective grave was founded while digging the land”

He added that:

“Local people have taken out many human skulls before the arrival of government officials”

According to the governor:

“Local authorities called people to avoid further digging of that area, so that they can start investigation in this regard.”

Rastiq district was also badly affected during the civil war in Afghanistan.

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