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Corruption in Police causing insecurity: MOI

Wed Dec 05, 2:38 pm

The Afghan Minister of Interior Affairs Mujtaba Patang says that the Afghan National Police is not nationalized along ethnic lines, but it is aligned unofficially into political and national interest groups.

Mr. Patang expressed these views when he was summoned to appear in front of the National Council to respond to the increase of insecurity and corruption at the national police level.

Members of the Parliament criticized Ministry Interior Affairs, saying, “A corruption within the National police infrastructure has caused insecurity in the country.”

The Minister of Interior Affairs admitted the criticism, saying that the Afghan police force aligns itself along political and national interest group lines, but not along ethnic lines.

Mr. Patang emphasized these alignments had caused bickering and mistrust among people and created challenges at different leadership levels of the police force and had impacted the mission performance in some instances.

Mr. Patang’s main objection as he spoke to the National Assembly was regarding the local police and he said, “The local police were assigned to work among their own local people and they are related to them.  Unfortunately, this sometimes results in the local police supporting criminals because they think they must protect their relatives.”

The strongest criticism was about the local police because they were recruited from local people and they had the apparent inability to effectively provide the necessary police protections among the local Afghan people because they seem to think they must not seek prosecution of family members or friends.

According to Mr. Patang these types of problems remain a legacy problem for the MOI since during the past decade the national police have been repeatedly accused of such behavior, and the attendant mistrust has caused people to join Government armed opposition groups such as the Taliban.

He stated that there had been strong police reforms since the earlier days of the ANP.  He then said, “We are working on a strategic plan for a better security future for Afghanistan.”

He said that the establishment of reforms within the police structure would require more time and that these reforms should be implemented to ensure better security conditions in the future.

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