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Construction work of a Japan-funded runway begins at Kabul Airport

Wed May 23, 1:30 pm

The construction work for a new runway has begun at Kabul International Airport.  The project will cost $26M and will be funded by the Japanese government.

The Minister of Transport and Civil Aviations, Dawood Ali Najafi, announced during an inaugural ceremony that the runway will be 44 meters wide and 5.4 kilometers long with international standards.

He said with the new runway, large aircrafts could fly and take off without waiting for an empty space.

Najafi also asked Japan to extend the Kabul Airport’s passenger terminal, saying it has not enough capacity for the travelers.

He said yearly 1.4 million passengers travel through Kabul.  He said that the annual airport passenger count will grow to 4 million by 2020.

During the inauguration of the construction work of the new runway for the Kabul Airport, the Japanese Ambassador to Afghanistan, Reiichiro Takahashi, emphasized his country’s long-term support to Afghanistan.   He said Japan was committed to helping Afghanistan.

“Due to the importance of the Kabul International Airport, the Japanese government so far has spent $96 million dollars in the reconstruction fields of the airport. Currently our government is busy making a new strategy for helping Afghanistan which will be offered in Tokyo Conference,” Takahashi stressed.

Japan is considered among the largest donor countries to Afghanistan. It has helped about $ 5 billion dollars during the past ten years in the sectors of education, health, transport and several other fields.

Japan is expected to host the biggest conference on Afghanistan during the next few months where the international community will determine their financial assistance to Afghanistan beyond 2014.

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