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Complains of high fees in a private school in Nangarhar

Sun Dec 25, 11:38 am

A number of students of international school of Kabul in Nangarhar complained of high fees and poor education quality.

Ministry of education has set specific criteria of fees for all private schools but Kabul International School does not consider them seriously, the students said.

Officials of this school have links with some education ministry officials and thus violate rules and regulations, they added.

Mr. Allahdad Ismailzai; director of Nangarhar education department confirms the complaints of these students and said that they have discussed the issue with officials of Kabul International School. He warned that officials of this school may face serious problems if the issue continued further.

“The problem is that currently all private schools are running under education department except Kabul International School and Shams London Academy and when we talked Mr. Sediq Patman; Deputy Education Minister, he ordered us to implement law on these schools and now I will force them to obey law otherwise they will have to face legal action, Ismailzai added.”

So far the school officials have not commented in this regard.

This is not the first time that Nangarhar residents complain against high fees and poor quality education in private schools, in past the residents have also asked the government to pay attention on the situations of private schools .

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