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Commission to visit Pakistan for investigation of Rabbani assassination

Tue Nov 22, 1:22 pm

A governmental delegation will visit Pakistan to investigate the assassination of Afghanistan’s former President and director of Afghanistan’s Peace Council Prof. Rabbani.

The delegation will consists of the officials of defense ministry, interior ministry, foreign ministry and national security department, Aimal Faizy President’s spokesperson said in his first press conference.

During the cabinet meeting on 21st November 2011, President Karzia ordered all ministries to continue their consultation regarding strategic deals with U.S in light of Loya Jirga declaration, Faizy added.

Its hope that the strategic alliance with Great Britain may be signed after second Boon Conference, on the basis of which Great Britain will establish a military training center in Afghanistan, President’s spokesperson added.

Mr. Faizy also report about President Karzai meeting with provincial governors, in which they decided that President will have a meeting with provincial governors after every 2 moths and will discuss the present challenges in country.

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