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Coalition to support Law demands Government and people role in peace trend

Thu Jan 19, 11:34 am

Parliamentary coalition to support Rule of Law says Afghan government and people should have key role in peace negotiations with Taliban.

About 30 members of the Coalition that had gone for the opening of their representation in Herat, in a meeting with some provincial authorities emphasized that peace talks with Taliban should be led by Afghans and its decision making authority should be given to the House of Representatives.

Coalition leader Zahir Qadeer said “we want Afghan-led peace talks. Is it possible that Taliban office going to be created in Qatar but Afghan government is not uninformed? We want Wolesi Jirga (House of Representatives) to be given the authority for peace talks.”

Violation of Afghanistan’s Laws is the major factors of insecurity and lack of good governance in the country, Mr. Qadeer added.

Meanwhile other coalition members also called some foreign countries involved in the violation of Afghanistan’s Laws.

While Herat residents, have been repeatedly complaining the increasing lawlessness in the state institutions of the province. The residents also accused a number of House Members of breaking the Laws.

Although Herat local officials confirm some lawlessness in the government agencies but say that the security situation of the province has improved.

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