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Coalition supporting law to end their boycott

Thu Oct 06, 12:56 pm

The parliamentary coalition members to support law decided to end their Wolesi Jirga Boycott and to enter Wolesi Jirga on Saturday but with their 9 unseated members.

Meanwhile, many members of provincial and National Council criticized the government and women’s rights organizations for dismissal of Simin Barekzai from the House of Representatives.

Asadullah Saadati spokesman of Coalition to support law said:

By mediation of heads of 34 provincial councils of Afghanistan, they have decided to enter the House on Saturday.

Zahir Qadeer coalition leader said:

The 9 unseated coalition members would also enter the House of Representatives on Saturday.

While Simin Barekzai coalition member who was unseated by IEC has gone to hunger strike since many days.

Wajhma Safi member of Wolesi Jirga criticized the Afghan government and women’s rights organizations for being silent regarding the hunger strike of Simin Barekzai and her dismissal from the House.

However, Independent Human Rights Commission supported the hunger strike of Simin Barekzai.

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