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Canada focused on helping Women in Afghanistan

Fri Mar 09, 3:30 pm

The Deputy Head of the Canadian Embassy in Kabul, who is Canada’s acting Ambassador, Mrs. Shelley Whiting, said that her country is committed to play a greater role in the protection of women in Afghanistan.

According to Mrs. Whiting, Canada has established more than 4000 local schools in 20 provinces of Afghanistan during the past 10 years. She said, “These schools have the capacity for 125,000 students. 85% of these students are girls.

In a special interview with Ariana Television (ATN) on the occasion of International Women’s day, Mrs. Whiting said, “Canada has not abandoned Afghanistan and is actively working in various sectors including police training.”

According to her, Canadian Diplomats, Civilian staff, police officials from Canada’s RCMP and Canadian constables have been active in Afghanistan and have focused on 4 top priorities. These priorities are: 1. Investment in the future development of children and youth through education and health programs; 2. Promotion of security through rule of law and human rights training with 950 instructors and support personnel; 3. Training Afghan security forces in advanced regional diplomacy; 4. Providing civilian and other humanitarian assistance.

Mrs. Shelley said, “Though Canada has ended its military mission in Afghanistan, Canada did not end its commitment to Afghanistan.  Canada’s ultimate objectives are to establish a safer Afghanistan with good governance, where all Afghans, especially women and girls, will have equal rights as accorded by the Afghan constitution.”
Mrs. Shelley added, “Canada always stands by her obligations regarding progress and development and will continue to do so in Afghanistan.”  She concluded the interview by expressing her hope that Afghan women will receive fairness and equity as they play a leading role in defending and protecting their rights.

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