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Cabinet members and MPs visited Kandahar province

Thu Dec 29, 4:02 pm

The ministers of Education, Agriculture and Livestock, Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Counter Narcotics, Public Works and Deputy Minister Water and Energy visited Southern Kandahar province.

Representatives of Kandahar province in Afghan parliament are hopeful that the visit of these ministers is not symbolic and may resolve Kandahar’s problems to large extent.

Afghan government and international community is looking to fasten military operation and rebuilding projects that will be effective in resolving Kandahar residents’ problems.

Muhammad Farooq Wardak, the minster for education said that now we do have any restrictions as Kandahar rights were given to other provinces for the past three years, due to which many schools remained closes in Kandahar.

Zarar Ahmad Moqbil, the minister for counter narcotics said that more than 95% agriculture land of South-Western zone is devoted for poppy cultivation and nearly one million people are using drugs.

Other visiting ministers also promised to support Kandahar residents in related sectors and will try to resolve their problems.

Abdul Rahim Ayubi, representative of Kandahar in Afghan parliament accused government for ignoring this province.

Earlier, many ministers have visited Kandahar and had made certain promises but have not completed them yet.

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