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Bonn conference brought clear commitments to support Afghanistan’s economic program

Fri Dec 30, 4:06 pm

Second Bonn Conference was held on Dec 5th in Germany where representatives of more than one hundred countries and international organizations participated to support development programs in Afghanistan.

The conference was aimed to check Afghan government’s functions in last ten years and international community’s long-term commitments to Afghanistan after year 2014.

Despite the long-term commitments of the international community to social and political sectors of Afghanistan, the participating countries also obliged for their continued supports of Afghanistan’s economic program, spokesman of Foreign Affairs Ministry Janan Musa Zai said.

Donor countries in second Bonn conference discussed over three major sections to improve Afghanistan’s economic program, Musazai added.

These statements come as some economists are concerned over economic program of Afghanistan after the stop of international community’s support after year 2014.

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