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Bayat Foundation helps with cash and books for Ghyasia school students

Wed Feb 29, 11:46 am

The Bayat Foundation helped more than 1,000 students of Ghyasia Religious School with cash and books in western Herat province.

Assisting the religious schools enables students to receive Islamic studies inside the country and makes it unnecessary for them to go neighboring countries for Islamic educations.

Deputy Chairman of Bayat Foundation, Hajji Muhammad Ismail went to Herat Province to help the students of the Ghyasia Religious School.  He said, “The objective of the Bayat Foundation is to help people in need across Afghanistan.”

While assisting more than 1,000 students with gifts of cash and books, Mr. Ismail promised to continue helping religious schools anywhere it is needed in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile Chief of Herat Religious Council, Mullah Khudadad Saleh expressed appreciation for the assistance of the Bayat Foundation and asked other charitable agencies for more help for the students of Herat.

Since its beginning, the Bayat Foundation has played a significant role in building schools, madrasa, hospitals, clinics, roads and orphanages across the country.

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