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Bayat Foundation assists the construction of a mosque in Kunduz

Wed Feb 01, 11:14 am

The Bayat foundation assisted a large amount of money for the construction of AbuZar Ghaffari mosque in Sardawra area of northern Kunduz province.

The assistance was aimed to quickly build the mosque which was halted due to the lack of funds, Bayat Foundation officials said.

Deputy Chairman of Bayat Foundation Hajji Muhammad Ismail said supporting to build mosques is the part of assistance program of the foundation.

The local residents of Sardawra region while greeting the assistance of Bayat Foundation said they were faced with lack of funds to build the mosque but now with the help of this foundation, all the existing problems were solved.

Bayat Foundation since the beginning up to now, along with other assistance has also played a major role in the construction of the mosques and religious places.

While the Bayat Foundation has also started its winter assistance program through which the poor and needy people are being distributed food items, clothing and other life necessities in several provinces of Afghanistan.

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