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Balkh Province’s Security handed over to Afghan forces

Thu Jan 26, 10:47 am

The security responsibility of Northern Balkh province was transferred from NATO troops to Afghan security forces on Wednesday.

Head of transition commission Ashraf Ghazni Ahmad Zai while talking about Afghan security forces capabilities called for an end of the political interference in security agencies.  According to Mr. Ahmadzai, the main problem of Afghan security forces is political interventions and should be prevented.

He emphasized that the government is determined to strengthen the security forces and fully prepare that to assume the security responsibility of country by the end of 2014.

Meanwhile, Balkh Governor Atta Muhammad Noor expressed readiness to take over security responsibilities and emphasized for elected local officials countrywide.

According to him, it would develop the democracy and stability in country.

While talking regarding peace talks with Taliban, Atta Muhammad Noor said that the talks must be lead by Afghans.

Balkh security responsibilities have handed over to Afghan security forces in such time that the security responsibility of Balkh capital “Mazar-a-Sharif” has been handed over to Afghan security forces since last six months.

Balkh is one the secure provinces of Afghanistan and has not influenced by Taliban or any other anti government militant groups.

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