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Baghlan Provincial Council to survey government agencies

Sat Nov 12, 1:39 pm

Baghlan provincial council started investigating government agencies in the province, in order to prevent administrative corruptions.

According to the Baghlan Provincial Council, all government organizations including governor office, justice institutions, security commandment and national security will be surveyed.

Members of provincial council said that they will dismiss all the corrupt bureaucrats.

Khalil Anwari, head of monitoring and evaluation committee of Baghlan Provincial Council said that they have started the programs titled “Monitoring and Evaluation of Government Institutions” reported by ATN reporter Nusrat Parsa.

In this program, an observing commission including representatives of attorney office and Baghlan Provincial Security Directorate will observe the activities of government offices.

According to them:

“If any fraud proved in any government office, they will refer the department head to the court and will dismiss him/her”.

Baghlan governor Abdul Majeed said that:

“The provincial council has no right to investigate the government agencies but they can monitor the government offices and can present the annual report to the provincial authority”.

While, some officials of the provincial government agencies of Baghlan had been detained by security forces and referred to the attorney office for taking bribe, but these officials were freed without any punishment and are continuing their government services.

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