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Baghlan police rescued a mother and son from a private prison

Sun Feb 12, 11:22 am

In connection with the increasing violence against women in northern Baghlan province, the police rescued a women and her son from a private prison that were abducted by the kidnappers about two months ago.

“A mother and her son were kidnapped two months ago from the old city of Baghlan. Following the case, the Baghlan police and intelligence agencies finally recovered the mother and her son, but the abductors succeeded to run away” said the Baghlan Police Chief; Syed Zamanuddin Hussaini.

The son that his mother was in prison with kidnappers said they were kept in a dark underground.

According to the Baghlan security officials; the kidnappers had abducted the woman and her son for personal hostility but when they were rescued from the prison, the kidnappers fled from the area.

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