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AWCC efforts continuing to reopen Baghlan Pulfi Pass blocked by heavy snowfall

Wed Jan 18, 10:18 am

The residents of Jelga District of Baghlan province in cooperation with Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) and Bayat Foundation, has cleaned some parts of Pulfi Pass for the traffic.

The Pulfi pass was blocked since last four days where nearly two hundred people were trapped and majority of them don’t have access to the food and other services.

AWCC and Bayat Foundation have cleaned some parts of the blocked pass and also distributed more than two thousand lambs, bread, footwear and free credit cards to the affected people.

After the distribution of these supports, approximately 150 residents of Jelga District using shovels cleaned some western parts of Pulfi Pass and the trapped people easily went to their residences.

Rescue team of AWCC is struggling to open the pass and has also rescued many trapped children.

Following the heavy load of snow in some provinces, number of roads has been blocked and many of the families have been the victims of avalanches.

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