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Awareness about human rights to Afghan children

Wed Dec 14, 1:04 pm

To respect human rights, Children should also be informed about their rights.

A number of children were trained about human rights and related issues in a one-day program sponsored by US financial department that was held in Kabul.

An official of NGO that led the awareness program said efforts to promote human rights awareness programs for children are underway.

Awareness to children about the values ​​of human rights can help them to know their basic rights in the young ages, officials said.

Due to years of wars, several times violations of human rights have been seemed in Afghanistan. Low public awareness and lack of rule of law are the main reasons of the violation of human rights in the country.

Now, it’s the time to help the children from early stages of their lives to be informed of the values of human rights and to prevent violation of human rights in their older ages.

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