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Assassinations of NATO Forces can’t change their purpose

Wed Aug 10, 1:24 pm

Some regions of the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan are used by the terrorists due to geographical abstruse. Carsten Jacobson spokesman of ISAF said in a statement: Abstruseness of these regions created hard challenges for ISAF Forces. He added: Recent assassinations of US Forces in Wardak Province can’t change their wills towards war against terrorisms. Fareeda Soma (ATN) News reporter said: Geographical abstruseness of the borders between Pakistan and Afghanistan are the cause of Taliban’s activity. Carsten Jacobson spokesman of ISAF said in Kabul:

Taliban are taking benefits of this abstruseness and they use this border for their traffic. He added: That is very difficult for them to control the borders until the borders are not specified by Afghanistan and Pakistan. He said, this abstruseness has created difficult challenges for them.

He added: The Past week was the week of sorrow for these forces due to assassinations of ISAF Forces by helicopter crash. The crash was the deadliest for foreign troops since the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. Dominic Medley civilian representative ISAF spokesman said:

Soon new regions would be nominated for the second phase of security hand over process.

The process of handing over the security responsibilities will be completed till next sixteen or eighteen months.

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