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Assassination of Rabbani was plotted by ISI and Quetta Taliban Council

Sun Oct 02, 1:16 pm

Interior Minister says:

Quetta Taliban Council busied Afghan Peace Council under the pretext of peace talks in the last four months that could easily attack over chairman of Afghan Peace Council.

Interior Minister told these statements in the Parliament session where Interior Minister, Defense Minister and NDS chief were summoned in the parliament session.

According to them; murder of Prof. Rabbani was planned by ISI and Quetta Taliban Council.

Abdul Rahim Wardak Afghan Defense Minister says:

“Our investigation shows that; murder of Prof. Rabbani was planned four months earlier”.

Bismillah Muhammady Afghan Interior Minister says:

“Taliban had nothing to discuss with Peace Council and the relationship of Taliban with Peace Council in last four months were just conspiracy”.

According to him:

“Quetta Taliban Council and ISI are behind murder of Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani”.

Rahmatullah Nabeel chief of NDS says:

They will carry out detailed investigation about those who were ready to discuss peace process.

The (NDS) chief wanted to provide more details in this case but it was kept secret by the parliamentary administrative staffs.

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