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Agreement signed, Afghanistan Gains Control of Bagram Prison by October 2012

Sat Mar 10, 4:44 pm

Afghanistan and the US on Friday formally signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the transfer of control of Bagram prison.

Based on the agreement, the Afghan government will take control of the Bagram prison during the next six months and by October, 2012, the US will no longer have any jail inside Afghanistan.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai in held a video conference on Thursday night regarding the control of the prison with US President Barrack Obama. The agreement to transfer control of Bagram prison to the Afghan government was signed on Friday between NATO General Commander John Allen and Afghan Defense Minister Gen. Abdul Rahim Wardak.

The Afghan National Defense Minister Wardak said they are close to reaching an agreement with foreign forces to let the night-raids be led by Afghan forces. “This agreement can provide favorable conditions for the strategic agreement between Kabul and Washington,” he added.

NATO Commander Gen. John Allen said, “Soon the Afghan-US long-term cooperation agreement will be signed between both sides.  Today is an important day. Signing this agreement can take us closer to a strategic pact. In accordance with this treaty, this land (Afghanistan) will no longer be an insurgency field.”  Under the terms of the agreement, the US would provide support and advice to the Afghan commander at Bagram for up to a year.

“This MOU illustrates our commitment to Afghan sovereignty, our mutual obligations under international law, and our enduring partnership,” a statement released by the US embassy reads.

“We have had our challenges and there will be challenges ahead as we continue negotiation on the framework for our strategic partnership, but this MOU marks an important step forward,” it says.

NATO and Afghan officials have signed a 17 article agreement regarding transfer of Bagram Prison control to Afghan government. The agreement is signed in regards to international law; respect for national sovereignty and mutual cooperation. According to the agreement, US forces will no longer have prisons on Afghan territory.

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