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Afghanistan to support peace talks led by Afghan government

Mon Dec 26, 1:48 pm

Afghanistan will support peace reconciliations with armed oppositions if it had the leadership of these dialogues, foreign ministry said.

Afghan foreign ministry spokesman Janan Musazai said dialogue process should be led by the Afghan government otherwise the reconciliation process may face serious problems.

Negotiations with Taliban will be possible if they respect ten-year achievements of Afghan government, accept the constitution, respect for human rights especially women’s rights and stop their relationship with al Qaeda, Musazai added.

Regarding Taliban office, Mr. Musazai said this can be done in all Islamic countries, but the Afghan government prefers Taliban office to be created in Turkey or Saudi Arabia.

These statements came as recently reports were published regarding establishment of Taliban office in Qatar. Reports said the government of Qatar in coordination with the United States of America and the German government regardless of the Afghan government have taken steps to create a Taliban representative in its country.

Janan Musazai said at New Year, the Government will officially begin the work of the strategic alliance with Europe Union.

Along with security, political, cultural and economic relations the democracy issues are also included in the alliance with European Union, he added.

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